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on 14 March 2017
Only had these two days, as they were delayed in the post (RM). In the hand they seem well made at the price even though the speakers themselves look like cheap plastic, the headband is softer and sit of rubberised. The is a snap hinge at each side of the band which allows the cups to be folded over so that the entire headset can fit into the supplied drawstring bag provided. The economically sized box is ready to open (and recycle) and contains the headphones, bag, 30cm usb charging cable and cable to connect to source for wired listening. There is a tiny booklet containing basic instructions and details. I noticed the frequency response was only 100Hz to 9000Hz so don't expect fantastic treble or base notes. For me that's not a major problem for occasional music, but mainly for gaming use with laptop. If you're a rampant hi-fi audiophile you may be disappointed with these, but for ~ £18.00 they're brill! My sausage fingers managed to connect the BT fairly easily following the instructions and they didn't drop​ out once. I strongly recommend these cans for general use, so try them and if you can't live with them you've not lost much money.
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on 16 January 2018
Literally wearing them now and they are great! was searching for ages looking at different reviews and prices and then i went for these, i haven't been disappointed so far! sound quality is great, did a bass test on them and they came out really well on them low ranges and these are the first Bluetooth headphones ive had so im really impressed with the range and how i can just walk around the house with my phone sat on shuffle somewhere in my room. i have used these with my pc also but i recommend also purchasing a small Bluetooth adapter if your laptop or pc doesn't already have Bluetooth capabilities.
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on 3 January 2018
Great headphones.
I have not used headphones for years, and found these the most comfortable of many pairs I have tried, the sound is great too, especially clear speech, which matters to me as myu prime use is watching tele when the wife has gone up to bed (directly above the TV). Comfortable to use for an hour os so, not tried longer. good battery life between charges.
Paired easily with our Samsung smart TV & with a little dongle I got to use in the earphone socket of the old TV

My son tried mine and liked them so much he bought a pair too!
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on 2 October 2017
build quality feels a little cheap and plasticy but by no means flimsy (to be honest the construction reminds me of the beats solos which i once had and hated) they're relatively comfortable and for £20 the sound quality blew me away especially considering that they are bluetooth headphones, not quite audio technica level of quality but certainly better than the earbuds that came with your phone. they do a pretty good job of blocking out the ambient noise at college or on the bus but could be better and they fold up so they don't take up too much space in your backpack.
all in all can't complain for the price i paid they do the job and don't sound like £20 headphones.
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on 27 April 2018
First impressions

Looks : neat and tidy, gives the impression of a much more expensive set of headphones

Feel : although man made the pads feel soft to the touch and comfortable when wearing ..the item is also much lighter than i anticpiated which is a real bonus

Sound .. this is only my first impression but i have tried a variety and styles of music and found no issues or drop out .. bass and treble sound good especially for the price point.

I will update when i have put then through a few months of use
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on 30 October 2017
As other's have said, this doesn't appear to be noise cancelling (at least not obviously active though the cushions do a decent job of noise suppression), but at the price I don't expect it. What I do expect, and you do get, is a decent pair of bluetooth headphones giving decent audio output for a reasonable length of time on the charge. They do collapse reasonably well but with only one size (no adjustment) these are really only good for adult or teenage heads. Smaller heads will find them uncomfortably loose.

They do not feel especially robust but neither are there any obvious weak points on them - so a bit light and plastic in places but generally they should survive normal use. I have satisfactorily used them to play music for a couple of hours at a time and found them comfortable to wear. Sound leakage is noticeable but mostly because of the lack of adjustment - on a wider head than mine, this probably wouldn't be an issue.

Successfully paired these with Windows 7 laptop and iPhone 5 and 6.

Overall, these are relatively cheap and cheerful Bluetooth headphones which with a bit of care should do a decent job for the price.
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on 12 November 2017
For the price, I think it does a decent job.
I really like the versatility of being able to go wireless or wired, as well as a good battery life.
The build quality seems a bit questionable as moving parts make a creaking sound as you turn your head.
I have another pair of the headset from MPOW, a light in-car kind, and the sound on that unit was much better than this. I expected a bit better sound as it has the advantage of being bigger unit over your ears.

Looking a bit deeper into this, I perhaps need to try the upgraded unit as I expect things to be improved.
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on 14 January 2018
UPDATE: Support reached out to me and solved the problem. Just held down the multi function button and power button to basically reset the device. Super easy fix, just wish that would have been put in the instructions. Still very happy with the device, I have minor ear pain after wearing them for a few hours. I’ve used these mainly in the library and walking around town and they are sufficient at blocking out background noise when listening to music. Great headphones!

Worked great for a day. Now they won’t turn on to connect. Used them for about 3 hours, fully charged, turned them off for an hour, now when I go to turn them on the light flashes blue and it beeps twice, but nothing else. It’s not connecting to my phone or laptop, that it had previously connected to. I loved the headphones for the evening and morning I got to use them before they stopped working.
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on 20 May 2018
I like listening to audiobooks whilst gardening, DIY etc. No cables, rewind, fast forward, etc. Works well for me, long battery life. Only disappointments are: although there is a pause function, there is no stop function; can't play a radio unless there is a separate aerial.
Good product, sound etc.
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on 2 November 2017
Generally, I'm very happy with these headphones. For the price, they deliver really good sound quality, with good bass. On the negative side, the built in mic doesn't provide a very good sound for the person I'm talking to. So much so, it can be difficult to understand me. The headphones are also plasticky, and when you're using them whilst out and about walking, they tend to creak as your head moves up and down.
But on the whole, used in a stationary place inside, they provide a really good, immersive experience.
Update - I contacted the Chinese retailer about the poor microphone quality, and they immediately, and with great apology, sent me a replacement pair.
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