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on 11 July 2017
Great wipes - my daughter rarely gets nappy rash compared with my sons who used a supermarket own brand.

1) the already very expensive wipes have gone down from 72 to 60 wipes.
2) they have shrunken in size?
3) when you have a wriggle-monster toddler, who won't allow you to clean their poo-splattered bottom. These wipes are a real PAIN in the backside (pun intended) to get out of the packet. They don't 'pop-up like other leading brands. You end up fighting a losing battle with either toddler or wipes.
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on 24 February 2017
Absolutely love these! No trouble at all. They came within another box, the actual baby wipes box did have water damage on one of the sides but I checked each pack individually and every pack was sealed. So not sure where it came from. But superb delivery and packaged. Definitely purchase again, although I did buy when on offer.
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on 10 July 2018
A pure wet wipe minus the chemicals - this certainly ticks the box, although in day to day use I’ve found them frustrating.
They’re absolutely soaking in liquid so much so they don’t absorb much mess but just spread it so you use more. With all wetwipes sometimes you pull one and end up with a clump of about five or six - normally flicking them (as your one handed, mid change) will lose the excess wipes giving you the one you need but doing that with these means you end up spraying nearby walls and even the baby with the liquid that splashes as you flick them - they really are that saturated. Leaving one on the bed or sofa will completely soak the area.
Pulling out excess wetwipes instead of one is a constant frustration too, more so than I’ve found with other brands - given the expense it’s annoying to pull more than you need out of the pack and then have to wedge them back in.
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on 10 August 2017
These wipes are practical and convenient to use when you have a newborn baby. Maternity hospitals and health visitors still advocate the use of water and no products for newborn babies. Although top and tailing is still used in the hospitals and can be done easily at home, when out and about it is a different story altogether. To maintain the no chemical, no product use, these wipes are brilliant. They are heavy as they are just water and a small percentage of natural fruit juices used for fragrance. We use these wipes all the time now at home too because of the convenience and will continue to do so whilst recommended. We did compare these wipes to another, well known brand of water wipes but on reading the ingredients, the other wipes did contain chemicals!
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on 16 July 2018
Water wipes are probably the best wipes in the market. Have been using these on my newborn for the last 10 months and between this and sudo cream, she has never had nappy rash or irritable skin. We use them from everything from washing her face and hands from feeding to nappy changes and marks on her clothes where applicable. Yes they're expensive, but they're the most natural product around and I'd rather sleep easy safe with that knowledge that some chemicals aren't destroying her! That all said and done - getting the wipes out the packet can sometimes be a pain and I've ended up ripping at least 3 packets (so make sure you have a sandwich bag or something suitable to stop the rest of the back drying out). I tend to go through about 1 box of 12 packs every 2/3 months as a general rule.
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on 26 May 2017
These are great. Have used them since my daughter was born so over 18 months. They hold alot of liquid for cleaning up all messes. And I don't have the worry if she puts them in her mouth. Be careful if you leave them on the floor or you may end up with a soaked foot!

I wouldn't buy anything else now. I've tried cheaper brands and they are just awful.
Price seems to vary for a pack of 12 between £18 and £26 a box so if you see for under £20 I recommend grabbing straight away.
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on 4 November 2016
I would recommend these wipes to every one, there nice and thick not like tissue paper and nice and moist not just dampish like allot of brands which also cuts down on the amount you use. A tip to keep them wet from top to bottom of is, keep turning them so the the water doesn't keep just the bottom wipes wet. I prescribe and get them cheaper which is also a great saving. They also don't contain the chemicals which other wipes have so, far better for babies skin. I buy these for my granddaughter and my daughter won't use anything else now. You can buy them in mother care but cheaper to buy on amazon and you can bulk buy in 9 pks or 12. You won't be sorry if you try these.
My granddaughter is now just over four months and has not once had a nappy rash
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on 7 January 2017
These are the best baby wipes on the market in my opinion. My son has a really sensitive skin and had eczema, never had a problem since using these wipes. Although I only give 3 stars as the product has changed since the first time I've bought them. There is only 60 in the packets now instead of the 72 it used to be and the size of the wipes are a lot smaller now.
They are really expensive for what they are but I have to admit they're great for babies skin.
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on 26 June 2018
They're not as good as they used to be. Seems after winning awards and establishing themselves, they're relaxing on the quality control. They're on the way to becoming as bad as all the other established baby wipe brands at clumping together as you reach the end of the pack. Additionally, you occasionally find a pack where the edge doesn't land in the centre, making them annoying to remove right from the beginning of the pack.

All that said, still the best wipes I've used, grease free but nicely moist, and they clean really well while remaining soft on the skin.
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on 21 May 2016
Very disappointed that the wipes are now significantly smaller and thinner. Not the high quality product I have been used to. I have been buying these exclusively for the last 18 months but now will probably go back to using one of the other brands.
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